Finding responsible and accredited electrical contractors in Stroud and wider Gloucestershire is not as hard as you think. Tom Humphries Electrical is just what you’re looking for when you need an Part P Approved contractor to carry out a variety of electrical services in the Gloucestershire area.

Based in Minchinhampton, Stroud serving both the local and Gloucestershire areas but can travel further afield if necessary. For a reliable and friendly electrical service you can count on Tom Humphries Electrical.

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Full and partial rewires

As a general rule rewiring should be carried out after about 25 years but if good inspections and maintenance are carried out you may not need the full cost of a complete rewire. Rewiring is rarely as simple as it sounds and often as well as rewiring replacement sockets and circuit boards are needed as these are also affected by general age and deterioration. A full rewire includes all cables, fixtures, fittings and new split load, dual RCD consumer unit with all MCBs and relevant earthing arrangements.

Consumer units & Fuse boards

Installation and repair of fuse boards or consumer units are vital to the maintenance of your home as they make sure that your electrical appliances do not overload, causing damage to the appliance and, potentially, your home.

Fault finding & repairs

Whether a faulty light, light switch, socket or a fuse that has blown, or any other problem you have with your electrics, the fault can be diagnosed to offer a solution on how the problem can be resolved. Small and large repairs can be carried out on electrical installations.

CCTV installations

A home CCTV system is a great way to improve your security. CCTV enables you to keep an eye on your home 24/7 all year round.  It sends a clear message to potential intruders that you are watching them.

Alterations to existing circuits

Most domestic electrical installations will require one or more additions or alterations during their lifetime. Additions or alterations to typical domestic installations generally range from relatively minor works, such as the addition of socket-outlets, light fittings and repositioning of switches.

Inspection and testing

Tom Humphries Electrical provide an all-encompassing electrical testing and inspection service for domestic buildings, reducing the occurrence of serious faults, along with the need to replace your old system following a breakdown. With a broad range of accreditations, qualifications and experience to draw from, you can assure to receive professional advice.

Lighting and socket installations


Having the right lighting in your home can help improve its ambience and aesthetic appeal, whilst also making it more secure. Experience and expertise is available to install or replace lights in any part of your home from the kitchen to the garden, while advising on the best solutions for your unique requirements and budget.


It can be a huge annoyance having trailing extension leads because a room does not have enough electrical sockets. Installation of all types of electrical sockets indoor or outdoor. Whether it is a replacement or additional sockets that are required.

Electrical safety certificates

All electrical work must be correctly signed off and be fully Part P approved to the building regulations. As part of this process, your local council Building Services Control have to be notified of any changes to an electrical installation. All work is fully certificated to Part P and automatically notified to Building Control.

This is covered by a variety of certificates that include:

Electrical installation certificate (EIC)

This is issued to the customer on the completion of any electrical installation works. It details the type of works undertaken, any deviations from the regulations as listed in BS7671, who designed, installed and tested the works and when the next inspection is due.

Minor works certificate

This is used for small works including additional sockets or lights that are not in special locations. A Minor works certificate cannot be used for the provision of a new circuit.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

This is used for the testing of existing electrical installations that have come up for their next inspections or for installations that do not have a current installation certificate. It will detail most if not all of the deviations that need to be addressed and will fall into four categories / codes.